Celebrate Neerlandia's Centennial

Neerlandia Family Stories Submitted

If you have submitted a story, please check below to see if your name is there.  If your name is not listed and you have submitted a story, contact Jill Olthuis at jsolthuis@xplornet.com.
Jan and Corinne Aarsen
Richard and Carolyne Aarsen
Ed and Elaine Aikema
Peter and Margaret Aikema
Peter and Jennie Almost 
Dave and Irene Baker 
Della and John Baker
Calvin and Sharla Bakker
John and Leona Bakker
Henry and Katrina  Barendregt
Pieter and Heddy Barendregt 
Jason and Amanda Batty
Elbert and Liza Beekman
David and Debra Bender
Henry and Johanna Bender
Bart and Anita Bikker
Randy and Sandy Blacketer 
Jim and Jeannette Bosma
Ben and Marja Breukelman 
Fred and Jane Breukelman
John and Tamara Breukelman
Simon and Henry de Groot 
Aalzen and Anneke de Jager
Jason and Judith Dejong
Pieter and Anna Dejong 
Bert and MarieAnne Dening 
Ed and Joanne De Ruiter 
Jason and Jennifer De Vries
Jerry and Anne DeVries
Larry and Ramona DeVries 
Richard and Joanne DeVries 
Ryan and Melissa DeVries
Annie Duker 
Andrew and Irene Elgersma
Nelson and Tara Elgersma 
Rodney and Jackie Elgersma
Simon and Eva Elgersma
Cornelius and Elizabeth Fisher
Russel and Debbie Fisher 
Simon and Jennie Fisher
Derk and Kornelia Froma 
John and Henrietta Froma 
Henry and Elizabeth Gelderman
Herman and Lula Gelderman
Howard and Brenda Gelderman
John and Reka Gelderman 
Randy and Deb Gelderman
Clarence and Joan Groot
Johan and Renate Grosman

Adrian and Jacqui Hamoen
Adrian and Lies Hamoen 
Case and Dinie Hamoen
Ken and Marie Hamoen 
Ron and Charlene Hamoen 
Jan and Yvonne Harink 
Joop and Janny Harthoorn 
Theo and Margaret Hoekstra 
Rick and Greetje Hofsink  
Sip and Hendrina Hofstede
Curtis and Lorraine Hooimeyer 
Errol and Melanie Hooimeyer 
David and Christien Hospers 
Roelof and Theresa Janssen
James Jorritsma 
Gerrit and Clara Kippers
John and Alida Kippers 
John and Cathy Knol 
Arjan and Evelien Koekkoek
Don and Sheryl Krikke 
Jurina Krikke 
Karlen and Evelyn Krikke 
Ralph and Reta Krikke 
Ralph and Johanna Krikke
Richard and Margaret Krikke 
Hans and Lydia Kruidhof
John and Annet Louwerse
Clarence and Grace Mast
Joe and Maryke Mast
Karen and Albert Mast 
Trevor and Gwen Mast
Ron and Chaturi Mast
Doris McNaughton
Henry and Mary Moesker
Alvin and Joanne Nanninga
Andrew and Rulie Nanninga 
Arnold and Liz Nanninga
Corney and Sena Nanninga 
Dale and Natalie Nanninga
Gerald and Dora Nanninga
Henry and Rose Nanninga
Mark and JoAnn Nanninga 
Wes and Charlene Nanninga 
Henk and Elsie Navis
Phil and Kathleen Novikoff 
Larry and Rosanne Olsen 
Bill and Carrie Olthuis
Fred and Sandra Olthuis
Kurtis and Helena Olthuis
Seth and Jill Olthuis 
Aaldert and Saakje Otten
Harry and Cathy Peters
Joe and Fredrika Peters 
Marvin and Evelyn Peters
Richard and Fettie Peters 
Roger and Cora Peters
Grace Piers, Sr.
John and Lucille Piers
Klaas and Tilly Piers 
Kim Pikkert 
Aebe and Minie Plantinga
Albert and Grace Plantinga
Donald and Marilyn Plantinga 
Lynden and Stephanie Plantinga 
Ralph and Lois Pontier 
Frank and Marion Rayment
Henry and Emma Roth 
Jozua and Johanna Rowaan 
Peter and Judy Schuring 
Jason and Jennifer Schuurman
John and Jo Schuurman 
Tom and Nancy Schuurman
Albert and Jannie Slomp 
Jan Gerrit and Wilma Slomp
William and Barb Slomp 
Lawrence and Johanna Smith 
Ray and Aurelia Spronk
Gert and Marie Steenbergen
Reinder and Tineke Steenbergen 
Andrew and Donna Strydhorst 
Barry and Lorna Strydhorst
Cor and Bertha Strydhorst
Henry and Gladys Strydhorst Sr. 
Henry and Sandra Strydhorst 
Jake and Sya Strydhorst
James and Reta Strydhorst 
Ken and Brenda Strydhorst 
Lucas and Annie Sturwold 
David and Gerrie Terpsma 
Lawrence and Lucille Terpsma
Norman and Ileen Terpsma
Albert and Betty Tiemstra 
Albert and Lorie Tiemstra
Bernie and Kelly Tiemstra 
Clarence and Anna Tiemstra
Craig and Tracy Tiemstra 
Kevin and Beatrice Tiemstra 
Phil and Carolyn Tiemstra 
Simon and Dorothy Tiemstra
Tena Tiemstra 
Andy and Rinie Tuininga
Clarence and Trientje Tuininga 
Clifford and Angela Tuininga 
David and Alida Tuininga
Gordon and Marjorie Tuininga 
Jeff and Tammy Tuininga 
Joe and Sophie Tuininga (Ben Wierenga)
Joel and Kim Tuininga
Klaas and Esther Tuininga 
Lambert and Betty Tuininga 
Murray and Simone Tuininga
Russel and Jennifer Tuininga 
Grant and Vonessa Vanassen
Jerold and Sharon Van Assen
Joe and Martha VanAssen 
John and Rita Van Assen 
Nettie VanAssen 
Peter and Margaret VanAssen 
Pieter and Joukje Van Assen 
Rob and Jodi VanAssen 
Case and Shirley VanBeek
Darcy and Laura VanBeek
Michael and Shelley VanBeek 
Tim and Renee VanBeek
Pieter and Grace Van Dasselaar 
Cor and Jannie Van de Kamp 
Bert and Cindy VandeRiet
Glenn and Pearl Vander Lugt 
Sy and Wiea Vander-Molen 
Kevin and Christine VanderZyl 
Walter and Betty VanderZyl
Bruce and Meredith Van Dijk 
Glenn and Barb VanDijken
Wilf and Yvonne Van Laar 
Walter and Angela VanLeeuwen 
Bert and Erna Van Niejenhuis 
Arend and Jennie Veenstra
Gary and Anita Veldhuisen 
Andrew and Rianne Viersen
Andy and Fettje Viersen 
Stan and Irene Viersen 
Alan and Elaine Visser 
Frank Visser 
George and Florence Visser
John and Johanna Visser 
Rick and Beatrice Visser 
Tena Visser 
Wayne and Dagmar Visser 
Mark and Janet Vriend 
Jason and Alanna Werkman
Pete and Carol Werkman 
Wes and Gloria Werkman
Bert and Tena Wierenga
Brad and Fern Wierenga 
Caleb and Heidi Wierenga 
Carolyn Wierenga 
Clayton and Joy Wierenga 
Gary and Janice Wierenga 
Harvey and Marge Wierenga
Helen Wierenga 
Henry and Rulie Wierenga 
Joe and Grace Wierenga 
John and Felicia Wierenga 
Julius and Geraldine Wierenga 
Phil and Karen Wierenga 
Sophie Wierenga
Trenton and Emily Wierenga 
Wes and Ramona Wierenga
Garrelt and Trudi Wieske 

Every family may have one photo. The photo should not include persons who have not lived in Neerlandia. No wedding photos, please. Photo information should include the names (listed from left to right), dates, and occasion, where applicable.

The editorial committee reserves the right to edit the stories for clarity, to avoid repetition, and for relevance to life in Neerlandia.